4th Anniversary of Convention No. 189

In the process that seeks to have a full inclusion of domestic workers in labour laws around the world, ILO officials in celebration of the anniversary of Convention No. 189 are campaigning on how we all can individually be part of improving domestic workers conditions. The campaign is titled “Decent Work for Domestic Workers BeginsContinue reading “4th Anniversary of Convention No. 189”

Brazil: Moving forward on Domestic workers rights

In the year 2013 Brazil included domestic workers as part as the ‘normal’ workforce resulting in benefiting of workers rights, this past June 2nd president Dilma Rousseff approved a legal rights extension for domestic workers. Some of the included benefits are extra payment for night shifts, severance pay if fired without a cause and insuranceContinue reading “Brazil: Moving forward on Domestic workers rights”

Interview to Project 189 Coordinating Manager

Following the 3-day focus group (‘A Space for Your Voice: Strengthening Communities Through a Dialogue on Domestic Workers’) our own coordinating Manager at Project 189 was interviewed by Dina Naser from the Arab Times; in addition to Project 189 (who is also supported by World Justice Project) the mentioned forum included The International Labour OrganizationContinue reading “Interview to Project 189 Coordinating Manager”

Indonesia: New Reform on Immigration for domestic workers.

Indonesia has blacklisted 21 countries, banning future migration for domestic working purposes. Time has shown us that migration which is motivated by the seeking of better life opportunities, will happen regardless of its legality; when human movability is done under the legal radar it can bring upon more serious issues, that of the nature thatContinue reading “Indonesia: New Reform on Immigration for domestic workers.”

A Dialogue for Change: ILO, KSHR and Project 189

April 2015 Kuwait: “A Space for your Voice: Strengthening Communities Through a Dialogue on Domestic Workers.” The Kuwait Society for Human Rights (KSHR) hosted a three-day focus group discussion with International Labour Organization (ILO) and Project 189, which works in collaboration with World Justice Project. Such events bridge organizations, institutions and the civil society sinceContinue reading “A Dialogue for Change: ILO, KSHR and Project 189”


Despite the pressure form ILO and other organizations, Qatar was able to use its financial resources to obtain a time extension in the deadline initially established to reform its Kafala System. Read the full article published by International Trade Union Confederation. Qatar Buys Time at the ILO – International Trade Union Confederation.

Domestic Workers in the Gulf: data by the numbers.

Migrant-domestic.org compiled from various sources statistics of domestic workers in the Gulf. Which shows that the matter of assuring policies that protect domestic workers is a big dimensional issue in the sense that the individuals affected by the inexistent policies that assure fair conditions is very high; nonetheless, measures that assure that human rights areContinue reading “Domestic Workers in the Gulf: data by the numbers.”

UK: Amendment to the Modern Slavery Bill

Changes to the Modern Slavery Bill will remove the tied up visa system for immigrant domestic workers in the U.K. which does not allow them to legally change employers resulting in their illegal stay in the country as well as fear of reporting situation of abuse for fear of loosing their jobs. Continue reading belowContinue reading “UK: Amendment to the Modern Slavery Bill”

Saudi Arabia: Increase in the black market of domestic workers

As long as there is not a policy that protects immigrant domestic workers, from assuring their safety and well being to securing that they receive a fair wage; this will give ground to an existence and rise, when there is such a high demand, of the black market of domestic employees. Resulting in pushing andContinue reading “Saudi Arabia: Increase in the black market of domestic workers”