A Dialogue for Change: ILO, KSHR and Project 189

April 2015 Kuwait: “A Space for your Voice: Strengthening Communities Through a Dialogue on Domestic Workers.” The Kuwait Society for Human Rights (KSHR) hosted a three-day focus group discussion with International Labour Organization (ILO) and Project 189, which works in collaboration with World Justice Project. Such events bridge organizations, institutions and the civil society since the discussion also included a dialogue with employers.

“We are conducting this research to better understand the issues, perspectives, and practices related to domestic workers.” Said Ekaterina P. Sivolobova from Project 189. Among some of the issues that where brought up on the discussion included the withholding passports of domestic workers, salaries, and titles/names given to domestic workers and its effects; in addition, it was also brought up if having domestic workers has restructured the family organization in Kuwait and if this has facilitated in incorporating women to the workforce.

Such events help to better comprehend the issue by linking various groups involved; honest dialogue is a positive advance on the topic of domestic workers in Kuwait.

For further information, you will find a link below from Arab Times on its report on the three-day discussion.

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