Modern slavery

Modern day slavery is a real issue happening in many places of the world, and its occurrence is much greater than what we might be aware off. Kuwait holds a very high number of migrant domestic workers who most come through a recruitment agency, but it has been discovered that some of these agencies instead of providing the channel for employee – employer they are practicing human trafficking; displaying and placing a price on them to later be bought as if it this human being was an object.

The increase reports of such abuse resulted in some countries banning their citizens to migrate, such as Indonesia and Nepal, nonetheless, migrants seeking opportunities, still find the way to migrate thought informal mediums, resulting in keeping such issue even more in the dark and allowing the ‘perfect condition’s of modern slavery to take place.

This issue has many sides to it in order to be resolved, but reforming the current labour legal system for migrant domestic workers is a key element. Read the article below by The Guardian, who interviewed a women from Sierra Leone, who was a victim of slavery and also further develops on this issue of modern slavery.

Women from Sierra Leone ‘sold like slaves’ into domestic work in Kuwait | Pete Pattisson | Global development | The Guardian.

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