Amplifying our voice to create real change

The 2017 Trafficking report from the US Department, has highlighted that Kuwait is a “destination country for men and women subjected to forced labor and, to a lesser degree, forced prostitution” and therefore remains in the Tier 2 Watch list.

Amplify Project:

Amplify is an Ushahidi deployment to monitor the widespread and systematic abuse of migrant workers in Kuwait. The Amplify project aims to contribute to the eradication of human trafficking and modern slavery, by creating a database of reported cases, increasing transparency and accountability through crowdsourced data and advocating effectively based on the data collected. Amplify will assist in the creation of a public database and in the creation of a more rapid reporting and alert system as well as bring in the voice of migrant workers as a new dimension in the eradication of human trafficking and modern slavery through crowdsourced data.



Thank you for speaking up and sharing your voice (#amplify).

Understanding your situation better will help us amplify our collective voice as migrant workers and have the power to change.

Thank you!

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