With Human Eyes. Ramadan Campaign 2018

Look with Human Eyes is a campaign that seeks to remind us, starting on the month of Ramadan, that we are all equal, regardless of the work that we do. By highlighting Islamic values with regards to the treatment of domestic workers, this campaign seeks to start a conversation and invite people to look at each other with a more human light. As the reports of physical, psychological and sexual violence and abuse against domestic workers keep increasing so has the need to address the underlying divide that has lead people to dehumanize those who do not share their language or nationality. A humanization project appeals to the empathy embedded in every human being, which may have been forgotten or buried by divisive discourses that have become normalized. This project seeks to divert from the populist calls for xenophobia, and tries to bring up the Islamic values that call for equality, justice and inclusiveness.

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Thank you to our partners:

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