Social Accountability for Recruiting Agencies

Project 189 contributed to the improvement of human and labor rights for domestic workers in Kuwait through initiating a demand for social regulation via SA8000® Standard. Through its unique approach, this project helped implement international standards to an unregulated industry, directly promoting fundamental rights of domestic workers in Kuwait. With the introduction of a comprehensive and market oriented regulation of recruitment practices, the project helped promote equal treatment and absence of discrimination, the right to life and security of the person, and the fundamental labor rights of thousands of domestic workers will be effectively guaranteed.


Improving the conditions of domestic workers in the Middle East does not only entitle a reform on existing legislations it as well requires a shift of how domestic workers are perceived within the society.

The project is named 52px, the number 52 for the number of days that a domestic worker should have off a year – 1 day a week off.

52px consisted of workshops for domestic workers where they where trained to use a camera and assured time off to take pictures.

لمجتمعنا For Our society, bringing you the power of film

لمجتمعنا translated means “for our society” is a  human rights film festival in Kuwait in which members of the community will come together to create a space motivated by the power of film to ignite positive discussion on prevailing human rights issues in Kuwait, the Middle East and the rest of the world.

The film festival seeks to motivate awareness and to connect individuals to create a strong inclusive society, a society that cares and wants to see a better future for all, that is a community that comes together to work For all members of Our Society.


Empowering Women in and for Transition

Arfaj is a native plant of the Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabian desert that blooms every April. Arfaj symbolises strength, beauty and survival.

Arfaj is a program, in cooperation with the Philippines Embassy of Kuwait, to empower women currently staying in the shelter and are waiting to be repatriated. Many of these women have gone through difficult times and are on the process of returning home.


Amplify is an Ushahidi deployment to monitor the abuse of migrant workers in Kuwait. It aims to contribute to the eradication of human trafficking and modern slavery, by creating a database of reported cases, increasing transparency and accountability through crowdsourced data and advocating effectively based on the data collected.