Mission & Vision

Project 189 protects, promotes and improves the rights of migrant workers in the Middle East.



Our vision is for all migrant workers to be equal and free from all forms of exploitation, discrimination and abuse.


Our mission is to strengthen labour and human rights law in the Middle East through advocacy, awareness, empowerment, innovation, and the promotion of International Standards and best practices.

Project 189 works on the promotion and protection of the rights of all migrant workers in the Middle East so all their rights are respected; where they can live in freedom, free from fear, violence and abuse. We are determined to help build strong institutions that assure – through an appropriate legal frame, practices and policies – justice, protection and promotion of human rights.



We seek to do more than provide a superficial solution. We strive to fix larger systemic problems and empower migrant workers to live a better life.


We understand that we can accomplish more if we work together with and for our community and in collaboration with other NGOs.


We commit not only to protect, promote and improve the lives of migrant workers in the region, but also to do it well.


We are committed to do our work through innovative approaches that will help us overcome society’s problems and overcome challenges.


We are accountable to the resources bequeathed to us and we ensure and demonstrate a good return on the resources available to us. We will operate openly and provide full disclosure on issues around operations and funding practices.