Kuwait: New Laws for Domestic Workers

A new law was approved by the Kuwaiti Parliament in which such legislation requires that domestic workers should have a weekly day off, 30 days of annual paid leave, a 12-hour working day with rest, among other things. Despite that there are other concerns to be addressed that come alongside with this new legislation, suchContinue reading “Kuwait: New Laws for Domestic Workers”

Indonesia: New Reform on Immigration for domestic workers.

Indonesia has blacklisted 21 countries, banning future migration for domestic working purposes. Time has shown us that migration which is motivated by the seeking of better life opportunities, will happen regardless of its legality; when human movability is done under the legal radar it can bring upon more serious issues, that of the nature thatContinue reading “Indonesia: New Reform on Immigration for domestic workers.”

UK: Amendment to the Modern Slavery Bill

Changes to the Modern Slavery Bill will remove the tied up visa system for immigrant domestic workers in the U.K. which does not allow them to legally change employers resulting in their illegal stay in the country as well as fear of reporting situation of abuse for fear of loosing their jobs. Continue reading belowContinue reading “UK: Amendment to the Modern Slavery Bill”

Argentina: Advances in social rights for domestic workers

The recently new passed law will affect migrant domestic workers coming to work to Argentina from other Mercosur countries. According to the data provided in the linked article, Argentina has approximately 1.2 million migrant domestic workers, the majority coming from Paraguay. The new laws will provide social rights and equalities such as maternity leave, yearlyContinue reading “Argentina: Advances in social rights for domestic workers”


The Modern Slavery Bill in the U.K despite proposing to advance in the fight on modern slavery through policies that establish preventive civil orders creates an anti-slavery Commissioner and provides protection to victims, overlooks an important point that affects the battle against domestic labor workers human rights violations.  Despite that domestic labor cases of abuseContinue reading “MODERN SLAVERY BILL IN THE U.K.”

LEBANON, Case and ruling of Withholding Migrant Domestic Workers Passports

The occurring process of withholding domestic workers identification documents, such as their passports, constraints the domestic workers movability and leaves them in a vulnerable situation. In this article by Sarah Wansa, Beirut-based legal researcher, she exposes such situation in Lebanon and a ruling issued by Summary Affairs Judge Jad Maalouf, where it states that anContinue reading “LEBANON, Case and ruling of Withholding Migrant Domestic Workers Passports”

Countries that have ratified C189

Many countries do not have existing, sufficient or effective laws to protect domestic workers; C189 is a convention adopted during the 100th session of the International Labour Organization, which seeks to enforce policies that assure safe and fare working conditions for domestic workers. Throughout International Domestic Workers Federation we here share the campaigns update ofContinue reading “Countries that have ratified C189”

The Peninsula Qatar – Students discuss drafting law on domestic workers

Law students of Qatar University (QU) and their counterparts from Kuwait University at a legal clinic recently discussed drafting of a model law to protect domestic workers. The event was organised by the College of Law (LAWC) in conjunction with The Protection Project at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (JHU-SAIS). The purposeContinue reading “The Peninsula Qatar – Students discuss drafting law on domestic workers”