Interview to Project 189 Coordinating Manager

Following the 3-day focus group (‘A Space for Your Voice: Strengthening Communities Through a Dialogue on Domestic Workers’) our own coordinating Manager at Project 189 was interviewed by Dina Naser from the Arab Times; in addition to Project 189 (who is also supported by World Justice Project) the mentioned forum included The International Labour Organization (ILO), The Kuwait Society for Human Rights (KSHR) and members of the community.

 Among some of the things addressed in the interview include, the challenge of changing long-time practices in regards to domestic workers and their role in the economy and society, how domestic work is not perceived, as work, therefore not protected under labour law and how important it is to create more open dialogues where the community can engage directly upon this issue.

The 3-day discussion, concluded with a report developed by Project 189, in which to this respect our Project Manager said “These research efforts are, among others, to identify priorities and actions in order to design effective way to promote labour standards…”

To ready the full interview follow the link below:

Arab Times » ‘Domestics not protected under labour law’.

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