action/2015 present in Kuwait


It has been overwhelming to see how many people have mobilised around the action/2015 campaign globally! but here in Kuwait, it has been an amazing experience to see the passion that every participant brought to the Financing Our Future event organised by Project 189 and the Kuwait Society for Human Rights. Every individual that joined the event, was there to join a community of individuals that care and to take action to build a better future and making sure that no one is left behind.

KUNA _ Kuwait participates in _Action_2015_ - Human - 12_07_2015

The event participants came from all walks of life, there were young people who understood that the decisions need to be taken now, older people who know that it matters to all and organisations that wanted to take further part on the campaign – for a stronger and healthier society. The media was present there as well, and which helped for the event to gain further attention and reach out to all those who were not able to join us.

Project 189 and the Kuwait Society for Human Rights joined efforts as part of the action/2015 global campaign to ensure that the decisions taken this year by global leaders, are as challenging as possible so to make the right efforts for the next 15 years to set the path for the coming generations to have better possibilities than us to lead a sustainable and healthy future and literally create a better world.

What can you do? Now that action/2015 has been launched in Kuwait, we are collecting selfies (#action2015kuwait) that, through a creative way, can show how you would want the world to look like by 2030. We are also preparing to continue our efforts to join #YouthPower on this August 12th and we will continue our activities throughout September. So stay tuned.

Selfie invitiation

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