Action2015, Project 189 and Kuwait Human Rights Society: participating in the decisions that will affect our future.

Because when we get together our voices get louder and powerful. #Action2015 is a global coalition that links organizations and the community to bring their attention towards the decision making agenda of world leaders in the subject of poverty, climate and inequality.  Project 189 is part of this potentially transforming campaign in mentioned subjects in the MENA region.

The decisions world leaders do today have the power to impact our future, and initiatives such as Action2015 activate de civil society to influence the decision process, so that the outcomes keep in mind our planet and the fair distribution of resources, poverty levels and to bring better opportunities to all, and have the possibility to live a much more equal existence.

Project 189 in its mission to seek improvement of domestic workers is very excited to be part of Action2015 and all its efforts, and recently alongside de Kuwait Human Rights Society got together to make our voices count.

Follow the link below for an article by the Kuwait News Agency on the mentioned event.

KUNA : Kuwait participates in “Action/2015” – Human – 12/07/2015.

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