Nepal and Madagascar take the decision to stop sending domestic workers to Kuwait

According to local news, Nepal and Madagascar have imposed a ban to send domestic workers to Kuwait. Many women working as maids in the Middle East are being exploited with little redress. In many instances their own government has advised them to stay and find work in their home country for the fear of abuse.

Now it has become a necessary step by the Nepalese and Madagascar Governments to impose a ban on domestic workers traveling to Kuwait to work. These decision probably comes after extended reports of abuse against women from these nations, weak implementation of protection and misleading offers by recruiting agencies. Also perhaps due to the increase awareness of the situation of migrant workers in Qatar, particularly migrant workers from Nepal.

In Kuwait there are about 30,000 Nepalese women working in Kuwait as domestic workers, the number of women from Madagascar was not available. Undocumented women working in domestic work is not known, but it is estimated that in 2010 there was 100,000 Nepalese women working without the proper documentation in the Middle East. Unfortunately women in this position makes them more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

The decision by Nepal and Madagascar to ban women working as domestic workers in Kuwait will hopefully bring further awareness to women as well as the better implementation of laws to protect domestic workers in Kuwait.

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