Shedding light on the “invisible workforce”

September 5th, 2013 has become a day to celebrate! It has marked an important step to a social movement making a difference to more than 50 million people, most of them women. Convention 189, Convention Concerning Decent Work for Domestic Workers has come into force.

Finally there is some shed of light to the millions of people employed as housekeepers, house cleaners, care givers and/or nannies. This Convention hopes to put an end to abuses faced by many women working without a day off, without pay, long hours, as well as being mentally or physically abused by their employers. It is hoped that through this Convention will give protection to these women.

Domestic workers, historically have been an invisible task force, and although it is thanks to their work that many people are able to do their work or have a more comfortable life, up to know they have being just shadows.

Up to know 9 countries have ratified the Convention: Uruguay, Philippines, Bolivia, Italy, Germany, Mauritius, Nicaragua, Paraguay and South Africa. In the Middle East, there is still some work to do.

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