52px – Extending domestic workers voice

Improving the conditions of domestic workers in the Middle East does not only entitle a reform on existing legislations it as well requires a shift of how domestic workers are perceived within the society.

The project is named 52px, the number 52 for the number of days that a domestic worker should have off a year – 1 day a week off.

52px consisted of workshops for domestic workers where they where trained to use a camera and assured time off to take pictures.

52px had two main objectives:

– To extend the voice of the domestic worker through their photos

-To change the perceptions from the general society towards domestic workers from an individual that can only take care of a home to an individual who has interests, hobbies and other skills that can only be nurtured through time – time that they can have during their off.

52px concluded with an opening exhibition at Masaha 13 on October 22nd, displaying the pictures for 10 days.

All pictures are for sale – proceeds will be given to the artists and to domestic workers empowerment initiatives.

View the pictures below and for more information contact us at contactp189@gmail.com

52PX Gallery

We hope that 52px will be the first step taken in order to build a stronger and more inclusive society in Kuwait.

We acknowledge the incredible support from en.v and MEPI for bringing this project from an idea into a reality.

52px wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors:

 & Collaborations by organizations and individuals:

FQ8 for conducting the workshop to enable the domestic workers to learn photography, in particular thank you to Bishara Mustafa, Shamon Magichands, Riyas Modady and Karen Grace Garcia. Masaha 13 for providing the space and everything needed to conduct a great workshop and exhibition, especially a thank you to Shaha Al Munaifi and her incredible staff to make this possible. A special thank you to Athoob A. Al-Shuaibi from the Kuwait Times for her support on documenting the process of this project from the beginning to the end. And finally, we acknowledge, with a big thank you, to all the employers – exemplary citizens – and the domestic workers that have taken part of 52px, who without their participation 52px would have not been possible.

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