Domestic workers misled to work in conflict- war zones.

Most domestic workers leave their home countries seeking a better future for themselves and their families, such decision requires a tremendous amount of sacrifice but they are willing to make; since they live in localities with limited possibilies and when offered jobs as domestic workers with the promise of a secure salary they will leave and face a new lifestyle very different from what they are used to, in which many times they do not speak the local language nor are familiar with the local customs. But imagine this situation which is already overwhelming as itself, but instead of being sent to the country you where promised to, you end up in war torn country without previously being aware of this and only to find out once you are already there.

While many Syrians flee their country desperately seeking refuge somewhere else. There have been reported incidences in which domestic workers are misled and trafficked to conflict war zones such as Syria and Iraq. War conditions make it even more difficult to enforce human rights; resulting in situations where abuse can easily occur without penalties to perpetrators; even more, such as in the particular case of Nepal as mentioned in the article below, in which said country does not have an embassy neither in Syria nor Iraq, resulting difficult to provide aid to domestic workers from Nepal in Syria or Iraq when requesting rescue from their unfortunate situation, which is that of modern slavery.

To continue learning more about this, follow the link below for an the article by The Guardian:

(1) 12 > 12-1Source: Nepalese women trafficked to Syria and forced to work as maids | Global development | The Guardian

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