October 29th London: Project 189 founder is scheduled to speak at Corporate Care Conference.

On October 29th at Goldsmiths College in London, Ekaterina Porras Sivolobova founder of Project 189 is scheduled to speak at the Corporate Care Conference- Migrant labour & the care industry in times of crisis and austerity. – Porras Sivolobova will be part of a group of renowned and experts on this topic.

The one-day conference brings out the topic of migrant labour, especially that of the care industry and housekeeping, in the particular aftermath of the 2007-2011 economic crisis, in which despite of it, this industry has grown but under particular circumstances of polarization, proliferation of recruitment agencies and anti-immigration policies that all together result in a complex push-pull situation within the industry.

“Exploring attitudes and perceptions of employers towards domestic workers and the role of the employment agency” is the topic that will be discussed by Project 189’s founder, who is also the only guest speaker that will be bringing into the table the particular situation of the Middle East.

At Project 189 we are very excited about this event and we will be looking forward to have the founder contribute on this subject; likewise, we as an organization to have the opportunity to learn from this experience and continue moving forward.

Source: Corporate Care Conference

One thought on “October 29th London: Project 189 founder is scheduled to speak at Corporate Care Conference.

  1. Want to contribute to Project 189?
    Being part of this conference means moving forward to Project 189’s mission of advocating for domestic workers rights through legal reforms and shifting perceptions within society, and in order to continue with this mission all efforts from everyone make a huge difference, and facilitate us to continue creating initiatives, workshops, campaigns and other forms of advocacy.

    As we all know keeping up with a non-profit organization entitles costs such as being able to travel to this upcoming conference. We have created a campaign to gather partial or full expenses that this conference entitles. Keep in mind that no donation is too small and that

    Learn more on the link below:


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