“Photography will add color to my life”

At Project 189 we are very thankful to Kuwait Times, which in a recent article by Athoob Al-Shuaibi acknowledged Project 189’s campaign to give domestic workers one day off a week.

Throughout 52px, an initiative, which gave the opportunity for domestic workers to learn about photography and provided them with a camera to explore the art form of photo taking. The article highlighted two significant concepts that such project implies, which are HOPE and CHALLENGE; by learning new skills we can find hope and individual growth and this particular skill of photography has an empowering element of speaking through images. It is a great way to communicate and possibly change perceptions.

52px not only gives hope to the domestic workers who participated, but also for everyone who observes human positive action that is of learning new things and is inspired through this.

Furthermore, this workshop also means a practice of constructive worker-employer relationship. Since despite that the law states at least one day off from work a week, in reality many only have one or two days a month, which meant that in order for domestic workers to participate in this workshop, employers took a supportive role by respecting the right of free-time.

The Kuwait Times accompanied Chat Chay, from the Philippines, a domestic worker in Kuwait who is part of the workshop, which she said she hasn’t had many opportunities to engage in other activities and hobbies besides work “photography will add color to my life.”

Source: Domestic workers learn to shoot – Kuwait Times | Kuwait Times

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