Headway in the fight for domestic workers’ rights, Ai-Jen Poo, Advocate, wins MacArthur ‘genius’ award.

Ai-Jen Poo, director of the National Workers Alliance (USA) and co-director of Caring Across Generations has been recognized by the Times magazine as on of the 100 most influential people and has been described as a powerful and unconventional leader. Poo has dedicated years of outreach and advocacy to improve conditions and legal recognition of domestic workers; receiving the MacArthur ‘genius’ award means an overall victory for all individuals, organizations and institutions who seek to shed light and improve the conditions of domestic workers in many parts of the world. Project 189, congratulates Ai-Jen Poo, on her dedication for this cause and on the reception of such praised recognition. To read more follow the link below for full article by Al Jazeera America

Advocate for domestic workers’ rights wins MacArthur ‘genius’ award | Al Jazeera America.

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