Understanding Modern Slavery a Short Film by Modernslavery.co.uk

Modern slavery is difficult to detect, and at the same time it is something that can be happening anywhere at anytime. Despite common belief that slavery is something from the past or that occurs only in isolated places, far away from us, it is something that can be happening right in front of us without our knowledge. The different forms of modern slavery are mostly manifested as force labor, domestic servitude and sexual exploitation.

The victims are kept in slavery conditions through threats and other forms of confinement such as, taking their identification documents away from them. In this short film, created by modernslavery.co.uk, invites viewers to have knowledge and awareness of such occurrence, as well, to be able to spot signs of modern slavery and be part of the solution.  

Modern Slavery is closer than you think: Understanding Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking – YouTube.

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