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Besma Al-Qassar is the founder of the Women Mentor Forum (WMF), a non-profit initiative that aims to provide mentorship opportunities for women entrepreneurs and women pursuing corporate careers. WMF’s vision is to support Kuwait’s economy by increasing the numbers of women executives and women entrepreneurs living in Kuwait.
Besma Al-Qassar started her career in 1997 in radio and television before moving to the oil sector in 1998 to manage corporate literature. She stepped into the private sector in 2007 when she founded a copywriting and translation agency. In 2009, she joined the banking sector as Branding Manager before moving into the private oil sector in 2013 where she presently holds the position of Corporate Communications Manager. Throughout her career, she gained extensive experience managing corporate events and forums. Besma is also a certified trainer and a trained professional coach. With this experience, she voluntarily designed and delivered the first professionally structured Internship Induction program for LOYAC in 2013. Besma holds a BA in English Literature from Kuwait University.

Besma Al Qassar

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