We asked the Kuwaiti youth what makes a safe work environment for domestic workers?

We asked Kuwaiti youth what practices would make a safe work environment for domestic workers and these were their answers. An initiative from Paola – a Project 189 team member – together with a group of young friends who wanted to do something meaningful over the spring break to understand the different forms of violence domestic workers in Kuwait suffer. The young group of friends came up with these ideas, to share common practices that domestic workers should and are entitled to.

“It’s remarkable that kids are super aware of the abuse and recognize it is a social problem. They were also incredibly receptive to the lack of empathy that often allows the abuses to go unreported” – Paola 

It is so important to involve the youth to become part of the solution to the numerous problems that domestic workers face, especially considering that domestic workers live and work within families. Inclusion of the youth is the answer to bring upon real change to the misconceptions and wrong attitudes towards domestic workers that thrives in the society.

We asked Jude, Noor, Janna, Dana and Tino, and these were their answers:

“They deserve to be paid on time” – Janna


“Give them at least 8 hours of sleep” – Jude


“respect their belongings” – Noor


“Don’t put lots of pressure on them. They are family. Respect. Kindness” – Dana