Article by the UCLA Center for Middle East development has recognized Project 189’s efforts.

An article written by Ayla Bitmouni in the Middle Easterner, a blog of the UCLA Center for Middle East Development has recognized Project 189 as a positive example in its efforts to improve conditions of domestic workers in Kuwait and as a representation of what is seen as a trend to have more active roles coming from the civil society towards the advancement of domestic worker rights.

Bitmouni’s article brings up the recent domestic workers legislation in Kuwait, which is still pending for full implementation, in which despite being a positive step forward since it recognizes a limit of the amount of work time, annual paid leave among other stipulations, Bitmouni criticizes it for not being able to resolve on providing accessible mediums for domestic workers to report abuse and for maintaining the existing kafala system. “Under this system migrant workers essentially become trapped under the mercy of their employers.”

Read the full article below.


Source: The Plight of Foreign Domestic Workers in the Middle East — The Middle Easterner

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