You have the right to:

Be respected. You cannot be abused physically, verbally, emotionally. No one should physically harm you, for no reason and for no excuse. No one should abuse you verbally, this means that no one should call you any with any other name then your own. No one should emotionally abuse you, no one can threaten you in any way or discriminate against you.

Be informed of your work. Before you start working you should know exactly what you will be doing including how many days off you will receive and how many hours a day you will work. This should be put in writing and you should sign it. But you need to make sure that whatever you sign it has to be in your language and keep a copy!

Receive a decent salary. Make sure that you are aware of what your salary should be, how much should you get paid. Also make sure that this is written in the document that you signed in your language. Also make sure that you will receive your salary at least per month and ask how you will be receiving your money.

Work normal hours. This means that you should not work every day for the whole day with no rest day. You should have time to rest, eat and spend leisure time.

Have days off. You have the right to rest and have a day off for a minimum one day, 24 hours, a week. Make sure that in your written contract this is written! if it is not there, be careful!

Work in a safe place. Understand that it is your right to work in a safe place, there should not be anything that can cause you any form of harm. It is your right.

Live in decent accommodations. If you will work and live with your employer, make sure that your room is decent and will have privacy.

Keep your passport. No one has the right to keep or take away your passport. This is your and it does not belong to anyone else. Find a safe place to keep it.

Have a day out of the house. It is your right to spend the time outside the home that you work on your day off. Many employers will not allow this or will not like it, but just understand that this is your right.