Before you leave to work as a domestic worker, or even before you decide to work as a domestic worker, there are important factor that you need to know and understand in order to make better decisions and be better prepared.

Kafala System

The Kafala System is a sponsorship system used in the Middle East as a way to sponsor you to come to the country where you are intended to work. This system, unfortunately, leaves you unprotected and creates many difficulties on your life. For example, what happens if your sponsor is abusive or is not paying your salary? under this system it is difficult for you to change sponsorship without your current sponsor’s permission. Read more about the Kafala system so you can understand better the sponsorship system in the Middle East.

Working in the Middle East

Working in the Middle East differs from country to country, here you can find few descriptions of the working conditions of different countries in the Middle East.

Recruitment Process

It is most likely that you have found a job as a domestic worker through a recruitment agency. It is very important for you to know how the recruitment process is supposed to be. This is a place where many problems begin – during the recruitment process – so here you can find the process that HAS to be done in order for you to be properly recruited.

Domestic and Care Work

Domestic work and care work are two job descriptions that you might consider working on. Here you can find information on exactly what this entails.