Partners & Sponsors


world-justice-project-logoThe World Justice Project awarded Project 189 with a grant that led to launch SARA (Social Accountability for Recruitment Agencies). WJP support, which is an organization that seeks to advance in the rule of law around the world, has not only been the platform to make the initiative SARA possible, but its assistance has been a key impulse for Project 189 to continue moving forward with other projects that seek the improvement of labour conditions of domestic workers in the Middle East.

ThMEPI LOGOe Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) is a U.S. State Department program developed for the support on the efforts to promote political, economical and social reforms in the Middle East and North Africa. With the support of MEPI, Project 189 was able to bring to life the initiative 52px which is part of the campaign that seeks the right and implementation in practice of one day off a week for domestic workers. 52px consisted of a series of workshops for domestic workers to learn about photography and provided them with a camera, with the goal of embracing other human capacities that we all posses and can only develop with having free time, furthermore, through 52px the voice of domestic workers gains another powerful dimension and seeks to shift their role and perceptions within society.

Front Line DefendersFront Line Defenders is an International Organization that safeguards human rights defenders so they can continue their work as key agents of social change.Project 189 and its founder, in its cause to change conditions of domestic workers in the Middle East, have been safeguarded by Front Line Defenders in addition to being a receiving grantor by this organization.

 en.v is a Kuwait-based organization that promotes social responsibility and environmental    sustainability in the Arab world. The organization’s activities include planning and    implementing social development and environmental programs in the Middle East by creating  strategic partnerships with local civil society organizations, governmental actors, and the  private sector. Project 189 has been supported by en.v’s training programs, which have  provided with the improvement and development of effective tools in order to achieve our    goals.

Who we are - action_2015

Action/2015 is a coalition of over 2020 organizations around the world, which seeks, through the unity of these organizations, a powerful collaboration to maximize pressure on world leaders, and result in positive transformations to improve conditions such as the reduction of poverty, inequality and assure that the governments and corporations practices are sustainable with the environment and natural resources in clear perspective. Project 189 is the coordinator of action/2015 campaign in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

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