Give domestic workers one day off a week

Project 189 using the platform has created a campaign that seeks to bring awareness and change the unfair circumstances that many domestic workers in the Middle East and other places of the world face, in this case of one particular fundamental right that all individuals everywhere should enjoy, which is at least the enjoyment one day off a week. Such circumstances can come from non-existing proper legislations, or poor implementations of the existing ones; even more, this could also be of current perceptions of domestic workers.

Alongside this campaign Project 189 developed 52px. In which a group of domestic workers in Kuwait were given a camera and the opportunity to be part of a photography workshop. This initiative speaks in many ways on this issue, through the lens the voice of the domestic workers is magnified and put into perspective.

Changing legislations and perceptions is the destiny of this campaign. Show your support on giving domestic workers one day off a week by following the link below and signing the petition.

Source: Petición · You: Give domestic workers one day off a week ·

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